F5 Configuring BIG-IP ASM: Application Security Manager

Vendor: F5
Course Code: WGAC-F5N-ASM-ESS
Course Outline
The BIG-IP Application Security Manager course provides participants with the expertise needed to detect, mitigate, and prevent HTTP-based attacks on web applications. The four-day lab intensive course starts at the simplest level for quickly configuring and implementing an application security policy and progresses through more complex configurations. The course includes detailed analysis and hands-on exercises for protecting web applications from brute force, web scraping, layer 7 DDoS, and other current attack vectors.
Prerequisites & Audience
Students should be familiar with the F5 BIG-IP Product Suite and, in particular, how to setup and configure a BIG-IP LTM system, including virtual servers, pools, profiles, VLANs and self-IPs.

There are no required F5 prerequisites for this course, but completing one of the following before attending would be very helpful for students unfamiliar with BIG-IP:

Administering BIG-IP V11 instructor-led course
F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator
In addition, the following web-based courses will be very helpful for any student with limited BIG-IP administration and configuration:

Getting Started with BIG-IP web-based training
Getting Started with BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) web-based training
Students should understand:

TMOS administration
Network concepts and configuration
Programming concepts
Security concepts and terminology
Web application delivery

Target Audience
This course is intended for security and network administrators who will be responsible for the installation and day-to-day maintenance of the Application Security Manager.
Course Objectives
After course completion, participants will be able to differentiate between negative and positive security models, and configure the most appropriate protection for their own web applications.
Course Topics
Topics covered in this course include:

• Setting up the BIG-IP system
• Traffic processing with BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
• Web application concepts
• Web application vulnerabilities
• Security policy deployment
• Attack signatures
• Positive security building
• Cookies and other headers
• Reporting
• User roles and administration
• Advanced parameter handling
• Application templates
• Real Traffic Policy Builder
• Vulnerability scanners
• Login enforcement and session tracking
• Anomaly detection
• ASM and iRules
• AJAX and JSON support
• XML and web services support
303 ASM Specialist
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On Site Training

This course is available as an onsite, closed course and can be delivered at your premises. This may be a cost effective option where you have a group of delegates who require the same training. Additionally, it has the benefit that course content can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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